A Cost-effective Solution

When it comes to parts washing, Bio-Circle has many advantages compared to traditional toxic solvents. The use of toxic solvents in the workplace involves additional costs such as protective clothing, waste disposal, ventilation, etc...

Look at the comparison table below to view in details the cost impacts of Bio-Circle versus solvents.

First Year CostSubsequent Yearly Cost
Cleaning equipment
Ventilation One hood per tank$1500 
First aid kit One per tank$100
Waste disposal One per tank$1800$1800
Personal protectionRespiratory protection, gloves$180x5 = $900$180x5 = $900
Personal hygieneSoap, cream$150x5 = $750$150x5 = $750
Health hazardsAllergies, skin irritation, headaches, sleeping disorders, birth defects, etc…$$$$$$
First Year CostSubsequent Yearly Cost
Cleaning equipmentBio-Circle MAXI starter kit including CARE Service and 6x20L of Bio-Circle L liquid $1670
Ventilation NOT REQUIRED
First aid kit NOT REQUIRED
Waste disposal NOT REQUIRED
Personal protectionLatex gloves (protection against oils & greases on parts)$30x5 = $150$30x5 = $150
Personal hygieneNOT REQUIRED
Health hazardsNONE
ServiceCARE Service Package: includes 6 scheduled maintenance calls, filtration of Bio-Circle L cleaning solution, a 21-point maintenance and cleaning procedure, filter cartridges, air diffusers, hand brushes. $500
Top-up of Bio-Circle L cleaning solution average $1200

NB: The costs described above are based on a usage of 5 workers per machine.